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If your business uses requests for bid as the majority of how to get it’s business you may be missing out on big opportunities. Whether you’re a subcontractor, security company, service provider, or cleaning company most major corporations need your services. The way they get this is through bid solicitation. What you may not know if you have to get on their bid lists to receive the solicitations so you can actually bid for the project. Imputing your information in these company’s systems can be time consuming and tedious. Let Causa Agendi take that off your hands. We have years experience setting up and submitting your information so you’ll be kept informed on what’s coming up for bid in your scope. 

We will:

  • Research all companies who can utilize your services
  • Correspond or find where to submit your information
  • Submit all pertinent information needed to receive bid solicitations
  • Keep a list of all corporations your information has been submitted to
  • Ensure your information stays up to date in their databases
  • Lead Nurturing and maintaining a relationship with all pertinent contacts within the bid process.

We earn your trust.
We exceed your expectations.


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